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We’re here to help every team member succeed in their unique career path.

We understand career exploration during college is important, and we are here to help! Whether you’re attending our annual fall open house, participating in one of our intern/externships, or tuning in for a virtual meet & greet, we want to hear from you. Our management team is dedicated to coaching and mentoring young professionals to help establish and reach their career goals. We actively work with more than six of New England’s colleges and universities to help position graduates to excel in all areas of accounting. For information on any of our events, please see the links below or reach out to our recruiting program leader, Laura Everett, CPA.

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Student Opportunities

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Our student opportunities include:


May 13 & 14, 2024


Winter 2022
Tax Season 


Tax Season 2025


Summer 2025

Direction to Career Development

Figuring out what facet of accounting you want to dedicate your career to is a hard process, and finding a firm that supports your vision and fits your needs is even harder. What makes that process easier is the support and direction provided by Albin, Randall & Bennett. See below to learn more about what makes ARB unique, and how we can assist you in your transition from student to professional.

Careers at ARB FAQs

At ARB, we truly live our core value of investment in the success of our clients, team, and community. Our community giving never stops; through food and supply drives, fundraising events, and hands-on community volunteering activities at least twice per year, we are always finding new and exciting ways to make a difference together. Some of the organizations we have worked with include Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland, Boys & Girls Club of Southern Maine, Preble Street Resource Center of Portland & Preble Street Food Hub of South Portland, and Portland Trails and many more.

Many Associates enter public accounting not knowing if they will want to focus their career in tax or A&A. At ARB, all new Associates are provided the opportunity to work on both A&A and tax engagements during their first 1-2 years as a means of broadening their experience and becoming a well-rounded professional. Specialization is generally expected as Associates advance in their career, but Associates are able to determine the timing and manner of this transition with the coaching and support of the ARB team.

ARB provides resources to help aspiring CPAs on their CPA journey. We offer assistance with purchasing CPA study materials and will reimburse the cost of sitting for each part of the exam. Aspiring CPAs can also study at work when time permits and do not have to use vacation or personal time to sit for any sections of the exam as the firm covers this time. Once you have passed all four parts of the exam, you will receive a bonus and then upon licensure, an increase in compensation! ARB supports all team members by covering the cost of CPE (continued professional education) credits, which are needed to keep your license active. Obtaining your CPA license is a great accomplishment and is of great value to our industry, so ARB wants to support you in this endeavor!

Watch Now: ARB CPA Exam Video Series

We receive this question a lot and your nerves are not uncommon. Our team works hard to ensure your onboarding process is a productive and comfortable one. In today’s world, technology is everywhere and we are proud to say we stay current on the best technology in our industry. This means that a big part of our onboarding is learning our software and navigating our paperless environment. During onboarding you also will receive tax (both individual and business) return training and work through a variety of tax simulations. You will also receive audit training and simulation opportunities. You, and other new ARBrs starting their career, will work closely with our trainers to navigate the simulations and receive prompt feedback so that you are learning each step of the way. You will also be assigned your ARB buddy during onboarding because learning from someone who just went through their first year at ARB is a great resource. Also, you’ll meet your ARB Success Champion during onboarding because everyone deserves a champion in their ARB career!

A “typical day” in public accounting can change often and that is what makes public accounting so exciting!
After completing our ARB onboarding training schedule, we think it’s important for you to dive into various learning experiences. Don’t worry! You’ll have plenty of ARB team members available for support and questions including your onboarding ARB Buddy and your ARB Success Champion. These learning experiences could include working on an individual 1040 tax return or a 1065 business tax return that are appropriate for your skill level. You could be assigned to work closely with an audit team working on a variety of audit sections like cash, fixed assets, accounts payable, etc. Or, you could be assigned a project like helping a partner gather information for a consulting engagement. We want to keep you busy with a variety of learning opportunities that will keep you growing in your career and immerse you in the culture of ARB.

We rarely wear suits anymore. ARB has a “Dress for Your Day” policy which allows us to choose the appropriate attire for each workday. This often includes jeans! Office attire tends to be more casual, if individuals don’t have client meetings. When traveling to clients, we typically match their attire, which tends to be business casual but at times could be suits or even steel-toed boots and hard hats!

ARB has a deep rooted philosophy: work hard, play hard, and lead a balanced life! Yes, there are increased hours during tax season, but ARB is committed to reduced summer hours to enjoy the wonderful Maine summers and finding fun ways to break up tax season days. Some of our favorites are team games and competitions, healthy and delicious meals and snacks provided by ARB, and fun after tax season celebrations. ARBrs enjoy a variety of firm outings during the year including happy hours, our annual Casco Bay harbor cruise, Sea Dogs games, and community involvement activities. These fun outings allow us to get to know each other outside the office and helps to contribute to our strong, team culture. ARB’s open and collaborative culture encourages ARBrs to ask questions and share ideas at any level, from your cubicle neighbor to partner and everyone in-between.

In one word, an ARB Success Champion is your ARB “advocate”. An ARB Success Champion is assigned to you when you start with ARB. This person will advocate for you in a variety of ways which could include recommendations for continued professional education (CPE), make engagement and project scheduling suggestions based on your preferences and skills, check in with you on a regular basis, answer questions and point you in the right direction, discuss goal setting, and much more! We want you to be more than satisfied in your career at ARB and your ARB Success Champion, as well as, the rest of the ARB team want to support you along the way!

Absolutely. The advancement of your career is largely driven by your interests and goals. During your first couple years at ARB, you will have opportunities to try both tax and A&A (accounting and auditing) across a variety of industries. As you gain experience and identify your strengths and preferences, you start to direct your own path. With support from the ARB team and the firm’s commitment to life-long learning and team collaboration, the sky’s the limit.

Upon joining ARB, you have the unique opportunity to work in both tax and A&A within a variety of our niche industries. This gives our Associates the ability to decide which industries interest them the most and to work alongside ARB’s leaders who are highly involved in the industries they serve. It is not unusual to see our industry leaders attending and speaking at conferences, webinars, and industry association meetings. Associates will also benefit from industry specific continued professional education including the AICPA’s auto dealer, construction, and credit union conferences to name a few. Overtime, your industry knowledge will contribute to advising clients and their businesses.

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