Professional Services Firms

Professional services firms: it takes one to know one. We can relate to the tug in both directions of client service and running a business. From experience, we also know that it is best to use your time wisely and surround yourself with good advisors. ARB works with architecture firms, consulting firms, engineering firms, law firms, and marketing agencies.

How We Do It

ARB can help your firm reach its goals with an array of advisory services while also taking compliance off your task-list. With access to our team of professionals who specialize in working with professional services, you’ll turn partner group discussions that end in stalemate into productive action. Turn “I don’t know” into “Let’s go!”.
Attract and retain the best in town with partner agreements, buy-ins, retirement plans, and more.
ARB is one of three preferred providers of State of Maine DOT overhead rate audits.
We specialize in succession planning, exit plans, and M&A wrap-around services.
Monthly, quarterly, or as-needed financial reports to help you measure what you want to achieve.
Compliance services including reviews and audits for owners, lenders, or other interested parties.
Get guidance on tax minimization strategies for the firm as a whole, and the partners as individuals.
Proper internal controls and division of duties helps to prevent fraud.
Entity type selection impacts your firm on an array of measures from tax to liability to succession.

How We’re Helping Professional Services Firms

Overhead Rate Audit: We’re helping an A&E firm with their overhead rate audit for the Maine DOT. ARB is one of only three preferred providers.

Buy-Sell Agreement: A law firm asked us for help developing a buy-sell agreement that included partner compensation and retirement clauses for a planned merger.

Profitability Measures: Firms that bill by the hour need to know if they are charging the right rates. We helped a firm to consider how efficiency, realization, utilization, and market forces all come into play when adjusting their rates for the new year.

Professional Services Firm Advisory Services Team Leaders

David Jean | Principal

David Jean has decades of experience working with professional services firms including A&E firms, law firms, and other types of consulting. His goal is to work creatively with you to develop savvy solutions to meet your business goals, now and in the future.