M&A Advisory Services

Whether you’re looking to build your business rapidly through acquisition, or you’re ready to exit through a sale, the short but intense time of the business transaction is emotionally charged and can have life-changing financial results. For most people, the M&A experience is something they only do once; that’s why it’s important to have a business advisor on your side who can provide savvy and sensible advice. 

Closely held businesses turn to ARB to help see them through a successful transaction and owner transition – goals that shouldn’t be taken lightly as a majority of companies never sell.

How We Do It

ARB takes a comprehensive look at business transactions – before the heavy decisions are made. We offer services to navigate the agreements, due diligence, and tax planning involved in M&A and will be there through the transaction and for your post-transaction accounting needs. Whether it’s a change in ownership or an acquisition or merge with another business, working with an M&A advisor who will provide you with practical, proactive and comprehensive guidance will help your business achieve optimal profitability and results.

Buy-side and sell-side due diligence.
Allocate the purchase price to various assets and liabilities and account for goodwill.

Tax analysis, tax projections, tax minimization strategies and tax structuring.

Work with the advisory team to ensure the agreement meets the legal and tax requirements of the transaction structure.

Owners can realize a successful exit of their business through Altus Exit Strategies.

Business Valuation professionals require reports.

Business plan design to appeal to lenders.

Representation for business owners who have been approached by a private equity investors with lots of experience buying companies.

Accounting for a business that just completed an acquisition is complicated and should be undertaken by experienced advisors.

See the impact of various possibilities before finalizing a decision.

Tax regulations allow for sales and purchases to cancel each other out if done properly.

See the expected performance of your company after the M&A transaction.

Being a “seller” is like being on the one yard line in a football game; it’s where you might end up only after a tremendous amount of work by an entire team, you’re only there for a short while, there still aren’t any points on the board – and there’s no guarantee that there will be. How owners lead their business to and through the final stages of their tenure has a tremendous impact on whether the business is saleable and the value in the market. Proper succession planning with an experienced advisor can put millions more in the bank for a seller.

How We’re Helping Companies with M&A Advisory

Qualitative Concerns for M&A Transactions: While M&A transactions are complex, we help put our clients’ minds at ease. Sometimes qualitative issues come into play when you would least expect it, but we can help you navigate through the complexities and ensure a successful transaction.

Advance Planning: We help clients avoid surprises through advance planning, from entity selection and thorough due diligence to finalizing the deal. We help you solve problems along the way by providing creative, savvy solutions.

M&A Transaction Structuring: Sometimes the highest offer isn’t the best if the tax consequences aren’t fully considered. Our tax experts find the best structure for ensuring full, after-tax value is realized.

Opportunity Zone Tax Credits: ARB recently assisted a client in structuring an acquisition transaction to maximize the benefit of the new Opportunity Zone tax credits, which helped the client defer a sizable capital gain.

M&A Advisory Services Team Leaders

Jason C. LeBlanc, CPA | Principal

M&A Advisory Services Practice Leader

Representing both buyers and sellers, Jason has helped businesses grow by acquisition and sellers realize successful exits. On the sell side, he creates tax efficient strategies to maximize after-tax cash flow for the exiting owners. When working with buyers, Jason’s due diligences experience ensures there are no surprises and clients maximize the return on their investment into the new business enterprise.