Business Tax Services

Business Tax Services

As tax laws become ever more complex, the importance of working with advisors who can deliver business tax services tailored to your industry becomes more urgent. ARB serves the needs of businesses and their owners in Maine and throughout New England by offering savvy and sensible guidance to help them navigate a rapidly changing tax environment.

How We Do It

ARB looks at the whole picture to integrate various tax options to achieve an optimal result. We offer creative, non-linear, outside the box problem solving to help you achieve your goals while minimizing the tax burden. Federal, state and local tax laws are changing rapidly. Whether your company is a pass-through entity or a corporation, working with a business tax advisor who will provide you with practical, proactive and comprehensive guidance throughout the year – not just at tax time – strengthens the potential for you to minimize taxes.

Federal & State Tax Planning and Compliance
Entity Structure
State and Local Tax (SALT)
Transaction Advisory Services

Sophisticated tax planning for your business with our creative thinking to optimize the objectives of your business and minimize your tax burden.

An annual review of the entity structure can extremely beneficial due to tax law changes, tax court rulings, generational and succession planning and changes within your industry.

Navigate all of their potential state and local compliance requirements including income tax nexus review and sales tax compliance studies.

Succession planning, ESOP evaluation, pre-sale due diligence services, sale of business and liquidity tax planning, review of buy/sell agreements.

Real Estate Cost Segregation Studies
Tax Credit Planning
Employee Benefit Plan Audits
Tax Planning for Business Owners

Effective tax mitigation tool for people that are constantly purchasing new real estate for their business.

Proactive planning approach to harvest all available tax credits available including but not limited to research and development credits; work opportunity credits; rehabilitation, energy and reforestation credits; small employer pension plan credits; FICA tip credits; new markets credits; low-income house credits; and opportunity zone investments strategies.

Cost effective, high quality audit of your benefit plans.

Parallel business tax planning and individual tax planning for owners to make recommendations for quarterly tax distributions, cash flow considerations and look for opportunities for optimal tax efficiency.

The Industries we focus on include:

✔ Real Estate and Construction

✔ Auto Dealership

✔ Manufacturing

✔ Credit Unions

✔ Closely Held Businesses

✔ Craft Beverage

✔ Cannabis

✔ Nonprofit

✔ Private Client/Family Offices

How We’re Helping Clients with Business Tax Services

Entity Restructuring: As tax law changes or succession planning is in the forefront, we help our clients change and adapt their current structure to a new structure that meets their needs through the use of mergers, spinoffs, state statutory conversations, “S” elections and tax free organizations.

Sales and Use Tax Planning: As states continue to struggle with balancing their budgets, they are increasingly looking to sales and use tax as a revenue source. Knowing whether or not you have Nexus in a state will be critical to your tax planning and compliance to avoid audits and potential fines.

Tax Law Changes:  The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is robust so it’s easy to get caught up in the big picture at the expense of missing the nuances such as industry specific tax carve outs. We’re helping clients identify how the provisions of TCJA apply to their businesses and what are the next steps for the future.

M&A Transaction Structuring:  Even after a purchase price for a company has been agreed upon, the WAY a seller gets paid can have a significant impact on the amount of taxes paid on both sides so getting advice early will have a lasting impact.

What Our Customers Say

Business Tax Services Team Leaders

Daniel P. Doiron, CPA, CVA | Tax Principal

Business Tax Services Practice Leader

Dan has been in public accounting since his college internship with ARB in 1986. He has been a Principal since 1996 and works extensively with all types of clients to solve their compliance and tax planning issues. Dan was the May 1987 State of Maine Gold Medalist for earning the highest scores on all four parts of the CPA Examination.

Robin L. Cyr
Thomas R. Flood