Accounting and Attest Services

Managing risk in an increasingly complicated world starts with accounting and attest services, including compilations, reviews, and audits that recognize the challenges specific to your company and your industry. Your annual financial statements should yield information that helps you stay on track with a well-paced, scalable growth plan. They should also show early indicators of any weaknesses, so you can address small problems before they become large.

Strong internal controls and daily practices that accurately track growth and performance are critical. But as a business owner, you also need customized metrics and analysis that produces actionable insights throughout the year, not just during an audit or at tax time.

ARB’s accounting and attest services are customized to your needs, so we can work with you to envision the future and design internal accounting and financial practices that are calibrated to help you meet your business goals.

How We Do It

Deep knowledge of each client’s operations, as well as an understanding of their industries and the marketplace, allow us to offer savvy and sensible guidance for companies across New England. ARB’s service teams specialize in various industries such as auto dealership, construction, manufacturing/distribution and credit unions. As a result, our service teams possess extensive technical knowledge to help you understand and manage the challenges and opportunities in your industry, and to help minimize your taxes.

Customized services and financial statements for your specific needs from lending or regulatory compliance, or just an independent look at your financial information.

Understanding your goals and assumptions is critical to assisting you with creating achievable forecasts and projections.

Develop and implement internal controls critical to protecting the integrity, safety and soundness of your financial information and assets.

Breakdown fixed and variable costs to enhance your overall pricing strategy and identify areas for efficiency gains.

Take compliance audits to the next level by not only following the standards, but using them to enhance your organization’s effectiveness in achieving your mission.

Knowledge and experience to audit a variety of plans from defined benefit or defined contribution plan to employee stock ownership plan (ESOP).

Provide verification services to financial institutions for asset based lending.

How We’re Helping Clients with Accounting and Attest Services

Lease Accounting: We’re helping clients navigate the new lease accounting rules, which can make dramatic changes to your balance sheet by adding right-of-use assets and liabilities and to the presentation of lease expenses on your income statement.

Forecasts and Projections: You’re looking ahead in your business, and we’re right there beside you helping with forecasts and projections and planning for your future to help you reach your growth goals.

Cost Accounting Reviews: We help clients break down and analyze their fixed and variable costs, so they can enhance their overall pricing strategy, identify areas for efficiency gains, and increase their bottom line.

Accounting and Attest Services Team Leaders

Holly D. Ferguson, CPA | Principal

Accounting and Attest Advisory Services Practice Leader

Holly has over 22 years of experience in public accounting so she is well-informed on industry-specific accounting and attest needs and reporting requirements. She counsels clients on best practices within financial and consulting services. Throughout her career, Holly has provided financial reporting consulting services, assisted with transactional accounting and consulting related to business acquisitions/sales, and analyzed implications and strategic implementation of new accounting standards.