Business Advisory Services

Your success is our success. Business owners and CFOs who want savvy and sensible guidance to help move their business forward can align with ARB’s business advisory team to tap into a broad range of skill sets and industry experiences that can bring a fresh perspective.

How We Do It

Business owners who are only getting backward looking compliance services deserve better. ARB’s team of advisors are as forward looking as our clients, focused on the year’s goals and long-term viability of the company in helping the owner reach a successful and profitable exit.

There’s a lot our team can handle. But when we don’t have all the answers, we’ll introduce you to the people who do! It’s part of our responsibility to clients to surround ourselves with other professional services providers who specialize in areas that are not in our wheelhouse.

Identify which products or lines of business are most profitable and the KPIs that will improve your company’s overall performance.

Looking ahead can help you set targets for when to invest or divest in certain areas based on business goals.

When you need a business valuation, R&D tax credit study, or strategic planning, we can introduce you to quality providers and help them work efficiently to help you reach your goals.

Get the facts before you make a major decision.
Key employee, family member, or outside hire succession planning is essential to helping a business owner plan a successful and profitable exit from a business.
Compare how your business is doing against peers in the industry and identify areas to focus on through the development of KPIs.

Take a broad look at your industry through a SWOT analysis and competitive review to determine the long-range trajectory and begin to plan short-term actions.

Evaluate processes with a lens toward both incremental improvements and potential overhauls.

“What if?” is a question that should be asked and answered many times a year through projections, financial models, and budgets.

Assessing cybersecurity measures and controls, employees, and customer web-based systems for weaknesses to ensure the security of your data.

Conducting internal audits and reviewing, documenting, and producing internal control policies and procedures.

Due diligence, integration and tax planning, and structuring the deal, entity, and accounting department.

How We’re Helping Clients with Business Advisory Services

Expanding Your Business: Considering expanding your business? We can perform a profitability analysis and the necessary due diligence to help you make key decisions about business growth by identifying which products or lines of business are most profitable and the KPIs that will improve your company’s performance overall before you make the leap. And when you’re ready, we can guide you through the steps, from M&A agreements and tax planning to providing your business’s post-transaction accounting services.

Benchmarking:  It’s important to take a look at where you stand. ARB provides services to analyze your current stance and where you’re headed. Want to know how you are doing in comparison to your industry comps? ARB can provide benchmarking data. Feel like your business is operating under ineffectual policies and procedures? We can perform an operational review and make suggestions for incremental improvements and potential overhauls. We can take a look at your business’s internal controls, including implementation, assessment, and prevention of fraud. 

Planning for the Future:  Want to know where you’re headed? We can do a cash flow analysis, projections, models, and budgets to help your business reach its financial goals. And, if you’re a business owner and are ready to exit your business, we provide succession planning services that are essential to helping youplan a successful and profitable exit from your business.

Business Advisory Services Team Leaders

David V. Jean, CPA, CCIFP, CExP | Principal

Business Advisory Services Practice Leader

David’s focus is on the future, which makes him a natural leader for the Business Advisory Practice Group. David is committed to staying on top of business issues and trends so that he can help business owners across industries and in all stages of a business’ life cycle.