SafeSend Returns Resource Center

Simplifying Your Income Tax Filing

Albin, Randall & Bennett will deliver individual tax returns electronically using SafeSend Returns—an intuitive application with a step-by-step, automated filing experience. You’ll be able to review your return, sign, and submit—all from your computer or mobile device. 

SafeSend Returns is a revolutionary tax return delivery process. It provides a user-friendly interface that walks you through your tax return while incorporating IRS-compliant e-signatures on e-file authorization forms and a payment voucher reminder system from the convenience of any computer, tablet, or smartphone.

With SafeSend, you will be able to:

  • Receive your return(s) electronically
  • Sign forms electronically
  • Sign other documents
  • Forward your return(s) to third parties, such as attorneys, bankers, and financial advisors

The SafeSend process is simple, user-friendly, and highly secure. Simply:

  • Verify your identity
  • Enter an access code
  • Follow the step-by-step instructions to review and sign your tax return(s)

To see what SafeSend Returns can do for you, please preview the following links:


The team at ARB looks forward to working with you this tax season.

If you still have questions about SafeSend Returns, please contact us at 207-772-1981. Ask for SafeSend assistance.