Complex changes in financial reporting standards and regulations impact nonprofit organizations just as they do for-profit businesses. The seasoned nonprofit team at ARB understands the unique accounting and financial management challenges of your environment, and can deliver pragmatic advisory services regardless of your unique internal resources and capabilities.


ARB is active in the Nonprofit Advisory Community in New England.

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How We Do It

We meet our nonprofit clients’ needs by being accessible and by offering savvy, sensible, and warm-hearted financial advice. Our pragmatic and experienced team provides solutions that help nonprofits meet their regulatory obligations and move toward their goals while keeping their limited resources focused on fulfilling their mission.

Customized services and financial statements for your specific needs, from lending or regulatory compliance to just an independent look at your financial information.

Use the mandatory, public federal information return to tell those who use it about your organization’s successes and accomplishments, while staying compliant with your reporting obligations.

Internal controls are the backbone of your organization to protect the integrity, safety, and soundness of your financial information and assets.

Use the financial information you have with the benchmark information we can provide to understand areas for opportunity and improvements.
Risks come from all directions and take many forms. Let us help you identify the most pervasive to your organization with recommendations that don’t crush your budget.

We understand the obstacles that can lead to institutional inertia. We can help facilitate goal-focused meetings to ensure engagement and ownership in the direction of the organization.

Accounting and tax strategies to facilitate the unique requirements of mergers and acquisitions for nonprofits.
Information is the key to making informed business decisions. If your accounting and program software is not up to par, the professionals at ARB can assist in making the right selection and ensuring the programs function to maximum effect.

Your goals are great, but your resources are limited. Planning for tomorrow and the future ensures your organization is on a path to achieve greatness.

Fluctuations in your revenue cycle can make managing your cash flow a challenge. We can help you implement systems to track short-term cash needs and long-term strategic spending.

Understanding your goals and assumptions is critical to assisting you with creating achievable forecasts and projections.

How We're Helping Our Nonprofit Clients

Presentation of Financial Statements: We help organizations properly classify and record contributions, expenses, and liquidity under the new financial statement presentation rules.

Internal Controls: Whether your job functions overlap because your organization is lean on staff or you are growing out of your office space, it’s important to review your internal control processes periodically to mitigate opportunities for fraud, human error, and noncompliance.

Lease Standards: Nonprofits that lease their operating spaces will need to understand and make appropriate changes before the implementation date of FASB’s (ASU) 2016-02, an accounting standards update intended to increase transparency around leases. We help nonprofits implement and maintain compliance with the new leasing standard.

Gift Acceptance Policies: A gift acceptance policy is a great way to gracefully manage your donors’ expectations and decline gifts that may prove to be more than your organization can handle. We help organizations create and manage policies that optimize their gifts and donations

Nonprofit Advisory Services Team Leaders

Jason LeBlanc, CPA

Nonprofit Advisory Services Practice Leader

Jason specializes in financial and compliance reporting for nonprofits and works closely with organizations ranging from private schools to youth organizations and beyond. He assists nonprofit organizations with strategic planning, development of internal control systems, implementation of accounting policies and practices, and other compliance issues, including Uniform Guidance/OMB Circular A-133 and the State of Maine Uniform Accounting and Auditing Practices for Community Agencies (MAAP).

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