Craft Beverage

Craft beverage business owners are passionate about their product, their customers and their relationship with the community. Whether it’s alcoholic or non-alcoholic, all craft beverage companies can benefit from savvy and sensible advice to help them reach their goals so more people can enjoy their products.

ARB is active in the Craft Beverage Community in New England.

How We Do It

We work with craft breweries, vineyards and wineries, distillers of craft spirits and manufacturers of non-alcoholic beverages. Their origins are different, but their hearts are always on their sleeve and we share their passion for providing a high quality product. Whether it’s through Research & Development tax credits, understanding state nexus, starting with an optimal entity structure, or discussing ownership and succession planning, we’ll stand beside you on the journey toward achieving your goals. With ARB, you can get THERE with a beverage in your hand!!

Beyond the typical tax compliance services, we recommend practical tax planning solutions and monitor ongoing results.

Customized services and financial statements for your specific needs from lending to investor relations or just an independent look at your financial information.
Education about R&D benefits and how you could be rewarded with federal and state tax credits based on qualifying activities.
Provide for the financial well-being of your key employees and your family should you die or become incapacitated.
Get the facts before you make a major decision.
Proactive review of CapEx on a quarterly basis and valuable feedback about depreciation and tax planning opportunities.
As your business grows, we have the services available to meet all your needs including an audit of your benefit plans.
See the impact of various possibilities before finalizing a sale or transfer.
How We're Working With Our Craft Beverage Clients

Brewery R&D Credits: Every brewery should be rewarded with R&D tax credits. There are both federal and state R&D credits that involve complex calculations around your employees’ time spent on qualifying R&D activities. The tax savings are intended to significantly outweigh the costs associated to put them in place. ARB can work with you to understand the available R&D credits that will apply to your brewery.

Inventory Costing: We’re working with a craft beverage company’s controller to determine the proper costing methodology. Upon completion of this project, the company can then apply changes to lower the production cost per unit.

CapEx and Depreciation: ARB is proactive about consulting with clients on equipment purchases to be sure it is adequate based on their business growth goals. We also strategize on the most beneficial method of tax depreciation given all other aspects of the business and owners tax situation.

Craft Beverage Advisory Services Team Leaders

Matthew J. Pore, CPA | Principal

Craft Beverage Advisory Services Practice Leader

Matt advises craft beverage companies throughout New England and has spoken at the New England Craft Brew Summit about R&D tax credits, FICA tip credits, entity selection and CapEx considerations as well as published several articles about research and development tax incentives for Breweries.