The ARB Dashboard

In-Depth Analysis & Benchmarking for Auto Dealerships Across New England

Albin, Randall & Bennett is proud to serve auto dealerships as trusted business advisors. Our Auto Dealer Group has a holistic understanding of the auto industry and has recognized a growing need amongst our New England auto dealership clients for regional market data. We developed a custom reporting tool — The ARB Dashboard — to bring consistent, comparative dealership data directly to you.

Financial Analysis to Drive New England Auto Dealerships Ahead

To remain competitive, auto dealerships must continually analyze market trends. Albin, Randall & Bennett recognizes that the most effective way for dealerships throughout New England to analyze their financial performance is to examine their data against comparative groups of dealers. While national industry data is readily available, New England dealers have not had a resource for analyzing their financial data and benchmarking it in a consistent format with other groups of New England-based dealers.

Albin, Randall & Bennett created The ARB Dashboard, a custom-designed, quarterly financial benchmarking tool, to give dealership clients a clearer picture of their operational statistics, their profitability, and areas of opportunity. Each quarterly report includes key statistics along with customized comments and analysis from the ARB team.

Navigating Future Performance with Consistent Comparative Data

Albin, Randall & Bennett pulls data from nearly 100 participating New England auto dealership clients and streamlines those financial statements into one quarterly report: The ARB Dashboard. This tool allows us to proactively advise auto dealerships by:

  1. Identifying where opportunities exist within dealership(s)
  2. Comparing the performance of various dealerships within one large dealer group
  3. Analyzing how dealership(s) are performing compared with the New England marketplace

The ARB Dashboard includes:

Key Operating Statistics and Benchmarking Analysis– an aerial view of your dealership including analysis of your balance sheet and an overview of accounting ratios that are critical to successful operations. The information contained in this report helps dealers identify opportunities by showing them:

  • Whether or not they are effectively turning over their liquid assets
  • The strength of their balance sheet as measured by most banks and manufacturers
  • Their ability to repay their obligations with current operations
  • The overall profitability of their dealership
  • Whether or not they are effectively managing their critical expenses
  • Whether or not the dealership is staffed efficiently
  • And more


Performance Analysis by Department – a high-level view of each departments’ profitability and expenses. The information in these reports helps dealers understand:

  • The composition of each department’s contribution to overall dealership profitability
  • Where opportunities for improving gross margin contribution exist
  • Whether or not the dealership is effectively selling F&I products
  • How efficiently each department is operating at current staffing levels
  • Whether the service and parts department is taking orders or selling service
  • And more

Detailed Analysis by Department – Review New Vehicle, Used Vehicle, Parts and Service Departments by closely examining historical trends, profitability and expenses. Side-by-side view of each departments’ expenses with detailed comments of our analysis.

Custom Comments – The ARB Dashboard aggregates the data, and our team carefully reviews the quarterly reports and prepares customized comments on aspects of the data that are critical to the future success of your dealership.

One-on-One Review – The ARB team provides in-person consultations with dealership management or internal stakeholders to review the financial analysis and assist dealerships with how to translate the data to improve their business operations.

We believe in educating our dealership clients on how to analyze and translate financial data into meaningful business decisions. To learn more about The ARB Dashboard and how to participate in the program, please contact Bart Haag in Albin, Randall & Bennett’s Dealer Services Group