Manufacturers and distributors place their trust in ARB for manufacturing advisory services because of our industry team’s singular focus on the operational, financial, and regulatory needs of closely held manufacturing and distribution businesses in Maine and throughout New England.

ARB is active in the Manufacturing Advisory Services Community in New England.

Manufacturers Association of Maine

How We Do It

Today’s business environment offers both opportunities and threats for manufacturers and distributors, so working with advisors who can provide savvy solutions that minimize risk and maximize your profits is more important than ever. In addition, recent changes in tax law can benefit many manufacturers and distributors.

There is a fervor of M&A activity in the manufacturing and distribution space, with many owners retiring or planning to retire through both internal transactions with key employees or generational transfers, and acquisitions by strategic buyers. We help craft an exit strategy based on the needs of the owner and maintaining the longevity of the company.

Addressing issues such as multi-state nexus and exploring tax benefits of Opportunity Zones and the changes from the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act; IC-DISC for international sales; and Research & Development tax credits.

Parallel business tax planning with the owner’s individual tax planning and make recommendations for quarterly tax distributions and look for opportunities for optimal tax efficiency.

Customized services and financial statements for your specific needs, from lending to investor relations or just an independent look at your financial information.

Provide for the financial well-being of your key employees and your family should you die or become incapacitated.

Customized due diligence, tax planning, integration planning, and acquisition accounting for your specific needs.

Capturing appropriate inventory costs, including overhead, helps with pricing strategies and ultimately, profitability.

Utilized in cash flow forecasting/budgeting, evaluating financing alternatives, and understanding compliance requirements.

Support with accounting, planning for a new ESOP, and benefit plan audits.

How We're Helping Our Manufacturing Advisory Services Clients

Business Acquisition: We help with business acquisitions from beginning to end, starting with due diligence, an assessment for potential barriers, and an analysis of the companies and the seller’s assets. We help clients with structuring the deal, entity, and accounting department; providing integration and tax planning services; and assisting with recording the transaction for both accounting and tax purposes.

Opportunity Tax Credits: The Opportunity Tax Credit rules changed in April 2019. We’re working with manufacturing and distribution companies considering expanding or moving their facilities by performing cost/benefit analyses to help them determine whether an Opportunity Zone might be the right choice.

R&D Tax Credits: R&D studies provide positive ROI nearly every time. We support clients through the R&D study process and by applying the resulting information to the tax planning.

Inventory Cost Management: With an effective inventory management system in place, manufacturers can implement pricing and sales strategies that increase profitability. We help manufacturers establish and maintain inventory cost management procedures that allow them to capture the appropriate costs, including overhead.

Manufacturing Advisory Services Team Leaders

Holly D. Ferguson, CPA | ARB Principal

As the Practice Leader of ARB’s Manufacturing Advisory Services Group, Holly keeps manufacturers on the leading edge of industry developments, tax issues, and best practices. She provides specialized accounting, taxation, and consulting resources, while remaining in compliance with regulatory requirements and addressing operational needs. Holly is a former Manufacturers Association of Maine board member.

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Robin L. Cyr


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