Retirement: Qualified Retirement Plans

Join host David Jean and ARB Principal Dan Doiron as they discuss the pros and cons of various types of retirement plans in the first episode of a three part retirement series.

Maximizing Use of Form 990

ARB Director Sam Pedersen moderates the conversation between Principal Jason LeBlanc and Director Robin Cyr as they advise on how best to use Form 990 to benefit your non-profit organization. 

Financial and Tax Considerations for Purchasing a Home

David Jean and Dan Doiron discuss the many facets to consider before purchasing a first time home.  They also provide advice on how to make the most financial and savvy decisions for individuals’ various circumstances.  

Maine Educational Tax Credit

ARB host Dan Doiron interviews David Jean on the benefits and stipulations of the Maine Educational Tax Credit.  Tune in to learn about how this tax credit can help Maine residents pay their student debt.