Remote Safety and Tech Tips

ARB Host David Jean interviews Steve Boissonneault to establish best practices for keeping your technology and data safe while working remotely. 

Revenue Recognition

Jason LeBlanc, ARB Principal and Nonprofit Advisory Services Group Leader, hosts this week’s episode of Savvy & Sensible!  Join Jason as he discusses revenue recognition for Non-Profit organizations with Albin Randall & Bennett Managers Gisele Couturier and Alyssa Hemingway.

Recent Tax Changes for Individuals

Tune in to hear host David Jean interview Dan Doiron on recent tax updates regarding individuals.  This is the second episode in a two-part segment on 2021 tax changes. 

Recent Tax Changes for Businesses

This is the first episode in a two part series discussing tax legislature changes affecting both businesses and individuals. Host David Jean speaks with ARB Principal Dan Doiron about what these recent tax changes affecting businesses look like, and how companies can take advantage of these new opportunities. 

Employee Retention Credit

Join in as Host David Jean interviews ARB Principal Holly Ferguson on the ever-changing Employee Retention Credit.  Since our recording date, the IRS has clarified the interaction of PPP and ERC.  For updated information, visit our blog.