ARB Places 4th and 9th in MECPA Exercise Challenge

On November 15th, Albin, Randall and Bennett finished the last day of the six-week “Commit to Fit” challenge hosted by the MECPA. With only six weeks to travel the 352 miles from Kittery to Eastport, Maine, ARB has been busy!

KimIn an effort to promote wellness, the Maine Society of Certified Public Accountants created a distance challenge in which participants tracked their daily step count and converted their activity into miles.  Each team had eight players, all of whom were responsible for logging their daily activity either using a step converting algorithm or a fitness tracker.

Beginning on October 4th, the challenge included 68 participants on 14 different teams. ARB had such a large number of staffers anxious to participate, we had to split into two teams – ARB Squad 1 and 2!  Although we did not win first place, ARB Squad 1 placed 4th and ARB Squad 2 placed 9th.  Additionally, we had seven ARBers place in the top 30 (Jenn Lemay 7th, Carly Biegel 10th, Rachel Diebold 15th, Kim Adams 17th, Sam Pedersen 19th, Matt Brand 25th, and Gisele Couturier 29th)!

Congratulations to all participants, and to the ARB staff for dedicating the last six weeks to staying fit and finding fun ways to stay active. Go team!