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About Samantha Pedersen

Meet ARB Director Congratulations to Albin, Randall & Bennett Director, Samantha Pedersen, on her recent nomination to join the Executive Board for the Manufacturers Association of Maine (MAME)!  After many years of participation and involvement in MAME events, Samantha will officially join the association as Treasurer of the Board.  Looking forward to this new opportunity,


ARB’s Ten Tax Season Tips

Tax season is notoriously stressful for business owners and individuals. But about for accountants? Just because we love our work, doesn’t mean that January to April is a walk in the park! Fortunately, the team at ARB is made up of seasoned pros who have cultivated some serious self-care strategies for making it through intense


A Year in Review

Looking Back at ARB’s 2020 2020 was the year of change;  of new procedures, new technologies, and new challenges.  With these challenges however, came new opportunities–And fresh starts!  Here are some of the notable moments from the last year that we won’t forget anytime soon. The first 6-month tax season – Usually ending on April