The Annual ARB Games Return

The Annual ARB Games Return

An Overview of ARB’s Annual Tax Season Games

Every year during tax season, Albin, Randall & Bennett hosts the ARB Games.  As a way to build camaraderie and provide a short escape from the long hours of tax season, these games make up a 10-week competition.  Completing one game per week, ARB-ers have the chance to earn points for both participation and high scores – and at the end of the 10 weeks, winners and prizes are announced at the April 15th deadline party.

Dominic & April - Dinosaur

Released on Mondays with submissions due on Fridays, these games are simple, fun ways to get to know each other a little better.  This year, we are taking things a step further with our Tax Season Buddies initiative intermingled with the games!  Everyone at our firm has been assigned a secret buddy – the task?  Do little, random acts of kindness for your buddy to help make tax season a little more fun.  The bonus – if the buddies manage to keep their secret until the deadline, they are awarded 4 points to their total game score.

So far we are three weeks into our competition, and already beating our record number of participants!  33 people sent information in, and 43 people completed the ARB Two Truths and A Lie quiz – with 2 people managing to score a 100%!

Stay tuned for updates on our game leaderboard and details on what we are playing next!

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